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---------- July 2013 ----------

Pegasus of Yorkshire

This month we bid farewell to Mr Harvey Atkinson and his beautiful vessel Pegasus of Yorkshire, Harvey was with YPSA for almost a year and have come to feel like a part of the YPSA family, he will surely be missed, but we wish him and Pegasus smooth sailing.

While Pegasus was here she received a complete make-over, new engine - newly spray painted - deck re-done and lastly antifouled.

 c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July_2013_harvey_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July_2013_harvey_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July_2013_harvey_3.jpg

Soul of Sea

We were extremely happy to welcome back the gorgeous Soul of Sea, she was last antifouled at YPSA two years ago and still looked perfect when we hauled her out this month! She received some TLC and antifouling and is now mooring at YPSA.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July_2013_soul_of_sea_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July_2013_soul_of_sea_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July_2013_soul_of_sea_3.jpg



---------- June 2013 ---------

Time Out

We were very happy to get to work on the beautiful Time Out this month. She received high pressure cleaning and antifouling. We wish her smooth sailing and hope to see her again next year.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_time_out__1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_time_out__3.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_time_out__2.jpg


Ayoba is definitely one of a kind with a slim, sleek design. She too came out for a high pressure clean and antifouling. We hope to see her again next year!

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_img_8463.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_img_8472.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_img_8473.jpg 


Our Australian friends were on their way out of South Africa when they encountered some problems with their main-sail, they then turned back and have been spending a few weeks with us. While they are waiting for the sail to be replaced they decided to give Taipan some TLC - She came out for a high pressure clean and some antifouling.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_taipan_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_taipan_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June_2013_taipan_3.jpg

---------- May 2013 ----------

By now we can really feel the chill in the air, winter is in full swing and half the year has already past. This year so far has been a busy but wonderful one and looking back on all of the work we have done during the past six months I cannot help but be proud of what we have accomplished - Feel free to browse through our news archive and pop me an email should you have any questions or comments.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Back to the business on hand - Here are some of the vessels we worked on this month.

Spirit of Adventure 

This spectacular vessel was designed by Mr Merf Owen and will now be calling Yachtport SA her home for the next few months - We were proud to haul her out and give her some much needed TLC.

She is currently up for sale, for more information kindly contact our offices.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_May_2013_spirit_of_adventure_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_May_2013_spirit_of_adventure_2.jpg

Ocean Adventurer

When David de Villiers first arrived at YPSA with Ocean Adventurer 2 we were all stunned at the beauty of this amazing vessel, She recently completed the East African Marine Transect where they travelled along the Eastern Coast of Africa gathering large-scale quantitative data on diversity, abundance and fish body size from South Africa to Somalia.

For some more information regarding this expedition visit http://marinetransect.org/about

She was high pressure cleaned and antifouled. We hope to see her again soon.



Mr Brian Thornton's Liberty came out this month for a high pressure clean and antifouling - We would like to thank him for choosing Yachtport SA and we can't wait to see him and Liberty again. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_May_2013_liberty_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_May_2013_liberty_2.jpg 


---------- Winterising ----------


Here in South Africa the boating season is definitely starting to come to an end and now would be the time to start thinking about protecting one of your most valuable assets, winterising your vessel can have a definite effect on your vessel's performance or lack there of.

Remember - the best place for your vessel to be during the icy winter months is out of the water - not winterising your vessel could cause quite a few problems for you in the future, spending some money on a vessel you will not be using for +- 6months may sound absurd to some but when you take into account the money this will save you in the future (maintenance, corrosion, etc.) winterising is definitely the best option.

Yachtport SA is very pleased to offer full winterising services to you. Should you be interested or want more information feel free to give us a call.

Step 1 : Haul out and clean

First step to a successful winterising would be to lift your vessel out of the water - Pressure wash the hull, clean barnacles off props, shafts, rudders, struts and trim tabs. Then make sure your seacocks are open to allow any water to drain, and even flush the engine and raw water pumps with fresh water. It would be best to take the batteries out of your vessel and take them home and charge or if too large we can offer charging in situ. Should you want YPSA to take care of this for you it would be no problem at all.

 Step 2: Preparation of winterising frame

A woven cord is used to build the framework around your vessel - Later on this will support the wrap. This is also when we make sure that the deck is nice and clean and all stainless steel have been polished.


 Step 3: Preparing the wrapping cover

Now it is time for our team of wrappers to make sure that the covering is big enough and will fit the entire vessel, this they do by laying the wrap out on a level surface, they then heat bond the section together in order to obtain the right size for each unique vessel. 


 Step 4 : Fitting the wrapping cover 

The wrapping is now pulled over the framework mentioned in step 2 and then heated to mould to the shape of your vessel - the wrapping becomes hard and shell like, ensuring a tight fitting cover that will not move, flap or allow any moisture, water, salt air or dust onto your vessel. Before the wrapping is pulled over your vessel it would be a good idea to remove sensitive equipment from the vessel, also remove fire extinguishers, flares, fenders etc. Over the winter these items can be cleaned, checked and replaced as necessary. Open all drawers and lockers and clean thoroughly. Turn cushions up on edge so that air is able to circulate around them.


Step 5: Securing the wrapping

Your vessel should now be wrapped and starting to harden, please remember to speak to Yachtport SA staff should there be anything you would like us to do or maintain, to achieve this we fit an inspection door to allow access. On your request the vessel can be checked weekly and also opened to air or mechanically ventilated.



A few winterising tips 

* Fill your fuel tank to avoid a build up of condensation over the winter months, change the fuel filters and water separators.

* Make sure the bilges are clean and dry, use soap, hot water and a stiff brush to clean any oil spills.

* Completely drain the fresh water tank and hot water heater. - alternatively add a non-toxic antifreeze to the heater.

* Pump out the holding tank at a approved facility, while pumping add fresh water to the bowl and flush several times.



-------- Nick Taylor -------

Nick Taylor


It was a sad day for both Yachtport SA and Mr Nick Taylor when his vessel broke loose from it's mooring at a local yacht club and ended up on the rocks here in Saldanha Bay, The NSRI together with Yachtport SA and a Pilot vessel from TNPA towed the vessel to YPSA premises with the intention of lifting the vessel the following day - What we did not know was that the vessel had taken a knock for the worst and was slowly sinking, so you can imagine our shock when we arrived at YPSA the next morning to find that only the mast was sticking out of the water - the rest of the vessel completely submerged. 


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