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---------- January 2014 ----------


This beautiful 82ft Oyster joined us in January for some antifouling and tlc, her interior carpets were redone and her gunnels were sanded down and varnished to a high gloss. We wish her the best of luck for her future journeys and hope that we will see her again.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_pandemonium_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_pandemonium_3.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_pandemonium.jpg


This vessel took part in the infamous Cape 2 Rio Race but early into the race they encountered problems with their foresail and a fried alternator, not only were they facing these problems but the weather was getting increasingly worse and they had to turn back. She is now repaired and ready to face the waters again. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_peekay_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_peekay_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_peekay_3.jpg


Catafjord came out for a high pressure clean, antifouling and some TLC. We loved having her here and hope to see her again. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_catafjord.2_jpg.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_catafjord.3.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Jan2014News_catafjord.jpg


--- January tip of the Month ---

No Drips or Spills when painting.

When painting, put an elastic band around the tin so that it bisects the tin's opening. You can use this to shed excess paint from the brush straight into the tin, so it won't drip into the channel at the top, and to rest the brush on so it won't fall in the tin.

For more helpful tips visit our website each month. 


---------- December 2013 ----------

Scarlet Runner

YachtportSA was extremely proud to have a hand in the preparation of Yacht Scarlet Runner for the Cape 2 Rio 2014, Scarlet Runner received some TLC before her big race and she is now ship shape, we wish them the best of luck for the race and hope to see her again soon.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_scarlet_runner_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_scarlet_runner_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_scarlet_runner_3.jpg

Turning Point

The beautiful newly built yacht Turning Point was launched at YPSA, she was built by Celtic Yachts and Mr Tim Duncan could not wait to get her in the water, we wish her many years of safe sailing and hope to see her again. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_turning_point__1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_turning_point__2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_turning_point__3.jpg

Blade Runner II

Blade Runner II was on her way out of South African when she began experiencing some technical problems, she was hauled out, repaired and also received anti-fouling whilst at YachtportSA, she was then launched and is currently continuing her journey.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_bladerunner_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_bladerunner_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Dec2013_bladerunner_3.jpg

--- December tip of the Month ---

Basic Yachting

People who enjoy water vacations and weekends typically like to get out on the ocean. Spending time on the water used to be strictly for survival purposes and business, such as fishing and transporting trade goods. Today the primary reason most go to the ocean are for recreational purposes such as water skiing, recreational fishing, motor boating, sailing, etc. Many people have longed to live out the romantic notion of operating their own yacht but just haven't accomplished that "to do" list yet. Operating a yacht can be fun and rewarding for many people.

Step 1: Know Your Responsibilities

Safety is the number one priority when choosing to operate your own yacht instead of hiring a captain and crew. The operator of the yacht is the person charged with the important responsibility of ensuring each passenger has a life jacket. This is likened to the driver of the car having a moral and legal obligation to ensure all passengers have a seat belt. Do not launch a yacht if any passenger is missing a life jacket.

Step 2: Preparation

Plan ahead, whether for a daytrip or a month long cruise. Consider what conditions the yacht will be operated under. Inexperienced operators should acquire a lot of experience on calm waters during daylight hours before attempting riskier conditions. Whatever conditions are predicted, plan to have supplies and materials ready to handle any challenge that arises. For example, if early morning fishing is the goal it is a good idea to have a powerful light source on the yacht., especially if leaving before sunrise If the weather will be brisk or cold, have extra weather appropriate clothing aboard just in case a change is needed.

Operating the boat means being prepared for anything. A first aid kit with up-to-date supplies is necessary even for short trips. Remember it is the designated operator’s legal responsibility to keep the passengers safe. Pack enough water and nutrition on board to sustain the passengers for the length of time the yacht will be out. If the trip will be for a day, multiply 64 ounces of water by the number of people on board. This is the minimum amount of water to have aboard. Similarly calculate the amount of food necessary to feed each person during the voyage. Additionally, sunscreen should be packed on the yacht and available to all the guests.

Step 3: Weather & Safety

Ensure small items that are brought aboard can be secured and not roll around on the yacht. These items can become hazards if they interfere with the yacht's functioning or the ability to operate the yachts controls.

Before launching the yacht, perform a safety check. This will prevent many problems from arising after leaving the pier. The week before the trip have the yacht inspected to make sure the maintenance is current and no further work is needed.

Article Source: yachting.com

---------- November 2013 ---------

November was such an exciting month at YachtportSA, silly season has started and we have many vessels preparing for the Cape 2 Rio race that kicks off early in January, we wish all of the contestants the best of luck!!

The types of vessels we had this month really made it one to remember, below you will find a few examples. 


Puffin - Our celebrity vessel, she was hauled out this month and left YPSA on a trailer Cape Town bound, she will be used in a movie featuring celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Meryl Streep. Puffin will appear near the end of the movie when the main character sails away to find his happily every after. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_puffin_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_puffin_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_puffin_3.jpg


Another strange vessel that visited Yachtport this month was Lucky Fish, she came out for some anti-fouling and routine maintenance. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_lucky_fish__1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_lucky_fish__2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_lucky_fish__3.jpg


The Barge came out for a bit of cleaning, unlike normal vessels a barge stays in a fixed location and rarely moves, which gives all our little hitch hikers the perfect place to stay. She was cleaned, new anodes were put on and she is now safely back home. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_barge_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_barge_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_Nov2013_barge_3.jpg

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