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--- June tip of the Month ---

Wax around the waterline

When polishing your vessel's hull it is often worth applying an extra layer of wax around the waterline, this discourages growth and pollutants staining your gelcoat.

--- May tip of the Month ---

If you want to clean up a battery case or battery acid spillage, use a bicarbonate of soda solution. It will neutralize the spillage and fizz if acid is present. 

Tip Source: The Practical Boat Owner 

--- April tip of the Month ---

Greener Boating

Reuse and recycle. Recycle spent antifreeze, fuel, oil, oil filters, and batteries. Use less toxic propylene glycol antifreeze whenever possible, but check before mixing it with other antifreeze for recycling.

Put a sturdy trash container on your boat. If it’s in an open area, make sure it has a locking lid to prevent light items from blowing away.

Tune up your engine. A tuned engine improves fuel economy and burns fuel more efficiently, causing fewer emissions from entering the air and water.

Clean your bottom. Keeping your hull clean and free of barnacles, grass and other marine growth will help reduce fuel consumption, and help increase your boats' performance. Use a hard (not ablative) anti-fouling paint if you plan on scrubbing the boat bottom while in the water.

Fix your prop. Damaged props greatly reduce the efficiency of your engine. Having a prop that is clean and in good condition will increase your performance, and help reduce fuel consumption.


Properly dispose of old paint, solvents, and thinners at an appropriate household waste facility. Do not dispose of paint or chemical containers in regular dumpsters. Before you throw away any leftover chemicals or paints, ask around to see if someone else can use them. 

---------- March 2014 -----------

TUI Marine Shipment

YachtportSA is proud to have played a part in this year's TUI Marine shipment, the catamarans all gathered at YachtportSA and were then loaded onto a bulk cargo vessel as deck cargo destined for France. We wish them the best of luck and hope to take part again next year!

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Ty-Armien joined YachtportSA this month for some routine maintenance, high pressure clean and anti-fouling, she is now on her way back to her home country France, we wish her the best of luck and home to see her again. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_March2014News_ty-armien_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_March2014News_ty-armien_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_March2014News_ty-armien_3.jpg


--- March tip of the Month ---

Lifting Points 

To save yourself some time, mark the sling/lift positions on your hull, that way when you next haul out minimal effort is needed and the process is much quicker. This might also eliminate the need for a diver. 

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