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------ August tip of the month ------

Short and Sweet

Winch handle pockets degrade over time and end up looking dirty and messy – so stick them on with industrial-strength Velcro and keep them down below when the boat’s not in use.



Read more at http://www.pbo.co.uk/expert-advice/tips/427379/save-your-pockets#hUgSf3m16BI8tv4W.99

Shark Week Aug 10 - Aug 15

Shark Week Aug 10 - Aug 15

It's shark week and the environmental sphere is buzzing, as part of shark week we would like to promote Pew and the wonderful conservation work they do. Below you will find an extract from the Pew website, we hope you find it just as educational and interesting as we did. 

Working with government leaders, scientists, fisheries experts, diplomats, and even survivors of shark attacks, Pew works to highlight the plight of sharks from over fishing and to urge countries to take action to conserve them.

Sharks have roamed our oceans since before the time of dinosaurs, but their long reign at the top of the ocean food chain may be ending. The onset of industrial fishing over the past 60 years has drastically depleted their populations. Of the shark and ray species assessed by scientists for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), nearly 50 percent are threatened or near-threatened with extinction.

Every year approximately 100 million sharks are killed in commercial fisheries.   The catch of shark for their fins, meat, liver oil, cartilage, and other parts remains largely unregulated in most of the world, driving some populations toward extinction.

In general, sharks grow slowly, mature late and produce few young over long lifetimes, leaving them exceptionally vulnerable to overexploitation and slow to recover from depletion. As key predators, their depletion also has risks for the health of entire ocean ecosystems. For example, tiger sharks have been linked to the quality of seagrass beds through their prey, dugongs and green sea turtles, which forage in these beds. Without tiger sharks to control their prey’s foraging, an important habitat is lost.

Pew has identified the present moment as a critical time to reverse the global decline of shark populations. We work internationally to influence the fishing nations and treaty organizations that regulate high seas fisheries. In addition, we work with nations whose waters still have diverse populations of sharks to declare shark sanctuaries and to advocate for international shark conservation.

SOURCE: http://www.pewtrusts.org/en/projects/global-shark-conservation

---------- July 2014 ---------


This one of a kind survey vessel was hauled out at YPSA for some routine maintenance, she received a new coat of paint and anti-fouling. She is now back in water looking as good as new, we wish her the best of luck and hope to see her again in the future.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July2014_george_d_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July2014_george_d_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July2014_george_d_3.jpg


Previously known as Cape Song this beautiful catamaran has come a long way since she arrived at Yachtport, she received a complete overhaul and is now known as Adriana, we wish her new owners the best of luck and hope she brings them many years of safe sailing. 

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July2014_adriana_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July2014_adriana_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_July2014_adriana_3.jpg

--- July tip of the Month ---

Prevention is much better than cure

Once you have got barnacles on the hull of your boat it's very hard to get an ultra-smooth surface again - even when you do scrape off the exoskeletons, much of the tenacious adhesive will remain. So don't wait too long after your launch to begin your prevention. Spend some time under your vessel with a mask and a sponge every few weeks, this should keep your vessel in tip top shape until your next anti-fouling.

Source - boats.com

---------- June 2014 ----------


Legacy came out for a high pressure clean, anti-fouling and some routine maintenance, she is now back in water and looking as good as new. We wish her all of the best and hope to see her again next year. 

Legacy  Legacy  Legacy


We were very proud to welcome back Revelations, she has been returning to YachtportSA each year for her yearly maintenance and this year was no exception, she received new skin fittings and is back in the water on her way home.

c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June2014News_revelations_1.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June2014News_revelations_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_June2014News_revelations.jpg 

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