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Spirit of Adventure Prep

Sailing Vessel Spirit of Adventure, one of Yachtport's long-term hard-stand vessels, is receiving a thorough inspection and touch up.

The lifting/canting keel and composite mast of this custom Open 60 yacht is being inspected and serviced before her long awaited voyage to Europe.

Hull buffing, maintenance and systems check are underway to ensure the yacht takes on the Atlantic Ocean in Bristol fashion. 


Water Awareness

Yachtport's latest Blue Flag activity involved teaching our local youth of water awareness. 

On the 25th of April, the pupils of grade 3A of the local Saldanha Primary School were taught the importance of being water wise and conscience - especially during this severe drought.

The pupils were made aware on how important water is for us, animals and plants. As well as some water facts, for example:

  • Water covers up to 70% of the earth
  • Human blood is 83% water
  • Your body contains 66% water
  • We need water to avoid dehydration.

Water saving tips and ideas were discussed:

  • Shower quicker
  • Rather sweep than hosing down outside areas
  • When washing your hands do not let the water keep on running
  • Close the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Use a bucket  of water instead of a hose pipe when washing a car
  • Only use the washing machine or dishwasher when fully loaded
  • Use bathwater to water the garden

The pupils were also challenged to go home and introduce Waterless Wednesday to their parents.

This is to go the extra mile on Wednesdays by using as little water as possible.

  • Do not water the garden on Wednesdays
  • Do not wash cars
  • Do not wash your windows
  • Only use a little water when bathing
  • Close the taps while washing your body in the shower

Lastly, each pupil was given a colouring in picture to complete with in 30 minutes. Together with the teacher, 4 pictures were chosen that stood out. The chosen pupils received a voucher to enjoy in our restaurant at our marina. In addition the whole class also received a lucky box reward and a fun booklet full of water saving tips for their wonderful interaction and taking part in this activity.

Through activities like these, Yachtport is able to contribute to the local community by educating the youth on the environment and challenge these young minds to apply water conscience practices in their homes. 


January 2017 tips - Pre-departure checks

Getting on a yacht and sailing into the sunset sounds so great, but before the sailing can commence, a few checks should be done, to ensure that everyone is safe on board.

I found a great article about pre-depature checks.

Source: http://www.teamwindcraft.com/yacht-maintenance/  

Yacht Maintenance – Pre-Departure Checks

It really is worth taking a few extra minutes to check your boat over every time you go sailing. It’s a great way to get to know your boat and spot any problems while you’re in the safety of the marina berth.

Here’s a basic pre-departure checklist for harbour sailing: 

  • Do you know how your yacht works, including emergency steering and valve locations?
  • Check the current weather forecast
  • Check engine fluid levels and engine bilge for contamination
  • Check fuel level and glass bowl filter for any contamination
  • Check battery levels and voltages
  • Check bilge pump operation and bilges for fluids
  • Check fresh water levels, filter and pump operation
  • Operate seacocks
  • Check navigation lights and VHF radio
  • Stow loose items
  • Is the LPG bottle turned off?
  • Brief any new crew about using winches, moving around on deck, where safety items are and how to use the head
  • Walk around on deck and check boat hook, anchor, shackles and halyards
  • Start engine and check exhaust water and gear operation before you drop the mooring lines
Be safe and enjoy the sunset.

Want a Sailboat?

Buying a sailboat is not simply picking out a boat among sailboats for sale. You should think about not only the type of boat, but also the size of boat and what do you want to use it for. Sailing with the family or do you want so time away from the family?

- Learn a bit more about the different types of sail boats and what will suit your needs. 

Have a look at this website:



 - Where will you be sailing? Around the bay or around the world? Day sailing or cruising? Will this be over a weekend or do you plan longer trips?

- The cost of all this is also really important to consider. Where will you store your boat? Will it be looked after if you are not around? What is the monthly cost involved in the upkeep?

Smaller boats have a relative low maintenance than your bigger boats. 


- Do you want a brand new boat or a used boat? The cost with this will also have a huge difference.

- If you are planning a long distance trip, do you have crew that will assist you? How will you pay them?

For some more reading on this, go to this website 






New to Sailing

So you want to start sailing, but your are not sure if you would like it? Should you be fit for sailing or can anyone do this?

Source: http://www.newtosailing.com/

Would I like sailing?

If you want to try sailing, to see if you like it, there are ways to have a go without any major financial commitment. Your nearest sailing club may be able to arrange a trial sail, or you can try a watersports holiday. Our sport is full of people keen to help newcomers get interested.

Can anyone sail?

You do not need to be fit or able-bodied to sail, as there are such a variety of boats to cater for everyone. If you cannot swim, do not sail alone - just make sure your instructor or companion is aware. Disabled sailors may have to travel further to find a suitably-equipped sailing venue.

What about children?

Children as young as 8 can sail small boats alone, and there are many craft suitable for families with tiny children too. Nearly all sailing clubs cater for children of any age.

Is sailing expensive?

Sailing is not an expensive sport, unless you choose to race at the highest level! Secondhand boats can be bought very cheaply, but you do not have to have your own boat at all. Many boats need 2 or more people to sail them, so finding opportunities to sail on someone else's boat is not difficult. Specialist sailing clothing can seem a little expensive, but again you do not have to own any, or buy brand new. It all depends how much you get hooked!


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